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Youth Services

Taking an upstream approach to preventing inequality, exclusion, and sexual and gender-based violence

We have always used an intersectional approach in our efforts to raise the awareness of youth, either directly or in collaboration with intervention workers in educational and community settings. We develop campaigns, intervention tools, content and prevention strategies to facilitate the daily work of professionals working directly with youth in a support capacity.

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Employability services

The success of returning to work goes well beyond simply writing a resume

The paths of the women we support are diverse, and their needs vary.

Our employability services are thus centred on (re)building self-confidence and providing customized and compassionate support that allows women to reconnect with their future employment over the long term.

Family caregivers

Taking some time for self-care when you are caring for others

Taking care of a family member who is sick or is losing their independence can be very demanding. At the YWCA Montreal, caregivers can access a variety of activities intended to make their lives easier and improve their ability to act. Our intervention workers offer one-on-one or group support, social and well-being activities, as well as workshops and conferences.


A 360 support hub to make the transition easier

The YWCA Montreal’s greatest strength is offering each participant complementary services based on their needs: help from a social worker to facilitate the daily processes of getting settled, French language courses, exploring the Montreal job market, and even the option of doing volunteer work to better integrate into their new life.

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Housing services

Rebuilding a stable life in a safe environment

After having to resort to an emergency shelter or undergoing a major life challenge, it’s not easy to rebuild your life, nor does it happen overnight. Housing Services provide a safe living environment and allow women to take the time they need to reclaim a stable life at The Residence and then move towards independent housing.

Domestic violence

Support to help women heal in their own way

Unfortunately, violence between intimate partners is present in the life of many of the women we support, regardless of their realities. They receive additional support in our programs, allowing them to regain the stability they need to better meet their objectives. In addition, our support groups create a safe space where survivors can feel as though they’re part of the community.

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Our mission

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