1 March 2024


Family caregivers

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For caregivers of seniors

Do you ever feel tired, stressed or guilty? This workshop uses caregivers’ personal narrative to explore self-expectations anddevelop a more nurturing lifestyle. This is a closed group, limited to 8 participants, consisting of 8 sessions which can be spread over a 10-week period.

Every Friday from January 26 to March 15. In French

Information: 514 866-9941 ext. 232
Every week (8 sessions)

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Are you taking care of a family member or friend? The Caregivers’ Support Program offers services and activities tailored to your specific needs.

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YWCA Montreal / Caregivers' support program


YWCA Montreal / Caregivers' support program
514 866-9941 #226


YWCA Montreal